Vivltone - ANITS Anti-Dandruff Essence 120ml 去屑精華素



有效清除 95% 以上由芽胞菌引致之頭屑。 保濕、止癢、抗菌、去頭屑。


Function 功能
1. Thorough dandruff removal caused by bacteria infection with a successful rate of 95%. 有效清除 95% 以上由芽胞菌引致之頭屑。
2. Moisturizes, itch prevention, bacterial resistant and dandruff removal.  保濕、止癢、抗菌、去頭屑。

Direction 用法
1. Towel dry hair after shampoo (blow dry not necessary) and apply anti-dandruff essence onto scalp, twice a day.
洗完頭後用毛巾吸乾頭髮多餘水份(無須刻意吹乾)即可將去屑精華素塗抹於頭皮上,每天 1~2 次。
2. Massage gently for approx. 1 min, blow dry and style as desired (rinsing not necessary).
用手指指尖輕輕按摩 1 分鐘,即可吹髮造型(無須再沖水)

Main ingredient 主成份:Burdock extracts BG 牛蒡萃取液