Vivltone - STOP Revitalizing Serum 120ml 控油防脫精華素



抑制油脂分泌過多,平衡頭皮正常狀態! 滲透滋養髮根毛嚢,達致停止脫髮情況,成功率高達 85%!


Functions 功能
1. Controls excessive oil secretion, balancing scalp PH in normal condition.
2. Hair cuticles infiltration resulting in hair loss reduction with a successful rate of 85%.
滲透滋養髮根毛嚢,達致停止脫髮情況,成功率高達 85%。

Directions 用法
1. After washing, towel dry (blow dry not necessary) and apply serum onto scalp.
2. Massage gently for approx. 3 minutes, dry and style as desired. 用手指指尖輕輕按摩 3 分鐘,即可吹髮造型(無須再沖水)

Obvious result can be felt after usage of 4-6 times and not only reduces oil secretion but also reduces hair loss after 7-10 times usage.  This product is specially formulated for individuals with oily scalp and hair loss problems.  6 months or more continuation usage is recommended for best result.
一般使用 4~6 次油性明顯減少,7~10 次脫髮數量亦明顯減少,此產品專為油性脫髮者而設,用者可連續 6 個月不停使用,以達致最佳效果。

Remark 備註
Results may vary if used with shampoo of different brands. 此精華素必須配合同系列洗髮水使用才能發揮最佳效果。